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Hey There!

I want y’all to know: I haven’t just been neglecting the blog. I’ve been going on rants on how nightmarish it is to acquire an education loan and pitching my work to various company and publications. Some of them actually published my work.

Things I’ve been up to so far:

I’m publishing an entire data structure series for ToolsQA:

I wrote a detailed post on Measuring Time & Space Complexity with Big O.

I’ve covered 3 major data structures – Arrays, Hash Tables & Linked List so far.

My application for Masters in Big Data Analytics came to an end and I finally appear for my students VISA this week. I’ve all documents in place and all set to go, but I am little scared. Will share all the details after the interview.

I’m currently working on a few other projects as well, but they’re barely beyond the idea stage. As soon as any of them have wings, I promise to spam(just kidding) you with all the details.

That’s it! Bye for now, friends!

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